El Tarot te puede ayudar a "aclarar" tu pasado, a "entender" tu presente, y a "preparar" tu futuro


El tarot y sus tarotistas profesionales serios, aclaran el pasado presente y futuro

jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015

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The Tarot card is a instrumental of adivination, vey good for people knows your present and future, The real reason for the occult, how to interpret tarot cards The Tarot has a purpose in magic, in the secret hiding everything from the universal, the physical and spiritual, is in doubt ariseswe know and understand our future that we anticipate the same, bringing to mind a future "understandable"for us and for our environment, both family and professional and emotional.


The Tarot sentimental spiritual aspect can help to clarify all the difficult situations that we have this full of doubt,not being able to unleash our true emotions and feelings, which affects both our love relationships as our environment, and allows us to make bad decisions. The Tarot does not have to "abuse it" can not demand that we explain everything at once, usually in an arcane shot are giving us some advice or offer specific guidelines to follow, not always has to do with what we "want to hear" from the lips of tarotista.


We must trust in the tarotista to guide us and although we say things that "hurt", we must have the willpower to obey and boldly assume that in a tarot spread is out. A tarot reader whose main function is to assist and clarify questions it faces in the shooting, questions about everything for the person he has before, that does not clarify its present, or understand their future, the tarotista must always serve the consultant in a neutral, like a doctor who has to tell the patient, the whole truth about his "condition" since it is health and life in it. So the tarot is respected as divination,

 both by people who believe, or not so in favor of it. The Tarot introduced into Western culture.


 The Egyptian Tarot was invented, which remained alive for thousands of years, the culture of the Nile,  became the Far West from Alexandria with the advent of Christianity in principle as a game over "letters"  were some monks French, which entered through the Port of Marseille during the Empire of Charlemagne, but the letter is the fourth emperor, this King is seated on his throne, and around the world, as more modern historical researchers,  agree that the figure represents is the Supreme Leader of the Holy Roman Empire.


The Tarot went to the "vulgar" and was spreading across Europe through nomadic minstrels and by that time  traveled throughout the Western Roman Empire was in taverns and inns, where the tarot readers,  especially women of Zingaro devoted to the art of Tarot interpretation and consultation.  Tarot failed to materialize at all in the Eastern Empire in Byzantium the people failed to grasp the true message of the  Tarot could be extracted, and its popularity was not the same as in the West.




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